A Story About Sunflowers

A patient review…

“Thank you so very much for the surprise cookie drop off just now! 😃That was so kind of you to think of our family! We hope you and your family are healthy and safe and that you are enjoying the hidden treasure of more family time. We know we are! Especially with the kids growing up so fast. We truly appreciate this act of kindness shared today! Such an example of the love and care you continue to share with those who you have already lead to more successful lives! We continue to be thankful for you!

A few days ago I read a story about sunflowers and how they always look to the light. When there is no sun they turn towards each other. They depend on that connection until light can be found again.  Almost like they solar power each other until the sun can return. Thanks for being a bright light in our lives and for turning towards us on this cloudy afternoon.  You are a bright sunflower to many! 🌻 We are thankful to have you in our garden of life!

Smiles, Appreciation, Thanks and Prayers,