Debra Bracy M.H.S., CCC-SLP/L

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Debra Bracy M.H.S., CCC-SLP/L

Speech-Language Pathologist | [email protected]

My passion is to help children develop the best communication skills possible.  Effective communication bridges the gap between minds and allows needs and ideas to be expressed, joy to be multiplied, sorrows to be comforted, and lives to be shared.  I understand the frustration that can result from speech and language challenges, and I consider it a privilege to empower my young clients to express their thoughts and make meaningful connections with those around them. I am committed to using evidence-based strategies coupled with creative, engaging activities to provide therapeutic sessions that are enjoyable and effective.  

I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics from Wheaton College, a Master of Arts in Teaching from National-Louis University, and a Master of Health Sciences in Communication Disorders from Governors State University. I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association and licensure through the state of Illinois. I worked for several years as an educator in private and public school settings and had the opportunity to teach kindergarten through third grade.  My education and experience provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the scope and sequence of school curriculum, and also, of child development at these grade levels. As a speech-language pathologist, I have treated children in outpatient pediatric clinics and public school settings where I enjoyed collaborating with family members and professionals across many disciplines.  

I have experience evaluating and treating children from 18 months – 18 years of age with articulation, expressive and receptive language, fluency (stuttering), and social learning disorders. Most recently, I have provided services in public schools for students at the elementary and middle school levels within the Glen Ellyn community. I am excited about being part of the dynamic team at Marvelous Minds, and I look forward to providing the best treatment for children and their families.