Emma Arave, Ed.S., NCSP

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Emma Arave, Ed.S., NCSP

School Psychologist | [email protected]

Hi, I’m Emma! I earned my specialist degree in education from Western Kentucky University. I was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and now live with my husband in Wheaton. During the school year, I work as a school psychologist in an elementary school, but have experience working with children preschool through high school. 

I have worked with children with a variety of social emotional needs including ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, and Depression.  I also work with children who have learning differences and help build plans to make them successful. In addition, I enjoy helping children build executive functioning skills (everything that goes on in our brain to help us plan, make decisions, focus our attention, and work towards goals!) and teach them to apply these skills at home and in the classroom. I also love helping children work through anxiety, build self-esteem, learn appropriate social skills, and create healthy friendships. 

As a school psychologist, I have the extensive knowledge of understanding the ins and outs of special education, Individualized Education Plans (IEPS), and 504s. Working with families to understand and advocate for their child’s needs at home and school is a passion of mine. 

Outside of work, I love to run, garden, and (my guilty pleasure) shop! In the summer, I enjoy laying by the pool with a new book or heading to the beach. My husband and I also enjoy trying new restaurants, biking along the prairie path, and cheering on the WKU Hilltoppers and UK Wildcats.