Svetlana Pashinskaia, MA, LPC


Svetlana Pashinskaia, MA, LPC

Therapist – [email protected]

I am convinced that no problem is too big or too small to ask for help. Whether we are struggling with a longstanding mental issue, or we have encountered a distressing situation just recently, professional help could be life changing. Oftentimes, we can get up and move forward when life throws challenges at us, but sometimes we need someone by our side, who would be empathic and curious, who would listen, but not judge; who would possibly offer an unexpected perspective or a “bird’s eye view” of the problem; someone, who would acknowledge our strengths and encourage our growth.

I firmly believe that we all have an innate ability for growth and self-actualization, and that is why I adhere to a Person-Centered approach in therapy, while a tool box of CBT, DBT, AEDP, Solution-focused, or Internal Family Systems strategies could be helpful along the way. I fully invest myself in providing to clients all of the professional knowledge I have gained at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and while working as an intern-counselor at the Wilbur Wright College Wellness Center. I also believe that my previous teaching experience (both at a college level and with schoolchildren) along with being a parent, further informs my counseling skills, while my international background enhances my cultural sensitivity.