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Marvelous Minds cares passionately about offering parents and children programs throughout the year to enhance their health.  Dr. Kym Larson, our pediatric neuropsychologist has coordinated a menu of programs to be led by our specialized staff and below you will find the details.  Please review our programs and note that some dates may not be available just yet.  

  1. PEERS Social Skills
    Group for Adolescents (Aug-Nov 2022

PEP: Parenting Education Program at Marvelous Minds is excited to announce the 2022 PEP Talk Series

Join parenting expert, Dr. Kymberly Larson and child/adolescent therapist, Caitlin Joycesmith, MSW, in a 4-part series dedicated to improving family relationships and learning skills/strategies for positive parenting practices.

Part informative lecture, part skills-based group work; each session will give you the opportunity to chat with our parenting specialists about your specific questions as well as learn from other parents. Each session builds upon previous content, so it is recommended to attend the entire series. We understand how busy life can be, so you may sign up for as few as one 90-minute session. Cost includes all materials, call the office for pricing.

Week 1: Parenting 101! You will learn (or review) the basics of parenting: We will help with defining your family values, determining your parenting style(s), getting on the same page with key caregivers, and ensuring consistency and follow-through on your established family culture!

Week 2: Expectations and Reinforcement! Identify your house rules and learn how to effectively establish and communicate your expectations to your kids. We will discuss the concept and application of consequences (as both positive and negative reinforcements) and how to use value-based reward and punishment effectively to support your family’s goals. 

Week 3: Running a Smooth Household! Apply best practices with executive function tools and strategies to keep your family organized and on-time. With a special focus on your morning and bedtime routines, learn how to build, convey, and implement structure to allow for more ease and fun each day!

Week 4: Setting Them Up For Success! From models of health, wellness, and psychology, you’ll learn effective approaches to ensure your child is set for success. Key topics include building healthy relationships with your children, sleep, nutrition, movement, and screen time.

Call the office to find out when the next PEP Program is running!

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