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Parenting Effectiveness Program

Do your parenting skills need a little PEP?

Join our Parenting Effectiveness Program (PEP), led by our team of parenting experts in an 8-week program designed to make parenting easier, leaving more time for family fun! Our individually tailored program, founded on neuroscience and evidence-based practices in parenting, is a team-based approach and includes home visits, a behavioral program, weekly family sessions, No Drama Discipline 1 workbook, family activities, regular access to team leader, and weekly community-based PEP Talks.*

*PEP Talks are a great opportunity to share your experiences in parenting and learn from experts in the field as we engage in activities and discussions.

PEP Talks will be held on Tuesdays from 7-8:30.

Call (847) 893-9559 for more information

*Siegel, D. J., & Bryson, T. P. (2016). No-Drama Discipline Workbook: Exercises, Activities, and Practical Strategies to Calm the
Chaos and Nurture Developing Minds. Eau Claire, WI: PESI

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