Jay Alvarez, MSW

Therapist Glen Ellyn IL

Jay Alvarez, MSW

Therapist – [email protected]

Empathy and compassion drive us to be the best version of ourselves, whether through having empathy for others in our environment, compassion for our own lived experiences, or acceptance of our triumphs, large and small. As a first-generation, Latinx, child of immigrants, I understand the collective traumatic experiences that make our people face extensive mental illness and accessibility discrepancies. I am also a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community  and understand the impact discrimination and marginalization can inflict on a person. I have worked with the adolescent LGBTQ+ population for four years and look forward to continuing this work. My unique perspective drives my motivation to guide your child’s healing and life satisfaction. 

I am a trauma-informed therapist who has experience in depression  and anxiety-related conditions and how they can interfere with the neurodevelopment of a child. Every individual is unique and thus should be approached in a therapeutic style tailored to their personality and experience. Lastly, I have to emphasize that whatever help your child or your family needs and whatever difficulties you face, I accept and welcome you.