Doctors, Specialists and Staff

Led by Dr. Kym Larson, Marvelous Minds of Glen Ellyn is a dedicated team of highly trained professionals, passionate about providing families with the care they need.  The team works to offer a variety of services and programs to help you flourish into healthy, happy and well-balanced families.  Please explore each professional’s page and call to schedule your appointment today.    


Dr. Kym Larson
Tabitha Guillaume, LCPC, MA, EDIT-I
Analysia Aguilar, LCPC, CDBT
Dr. Jenalyn Weilnhammer,
Karina Lima, LCSW
Lindsey Szeszol LPC, ATR
Elise McCarter, Therapist at Marvelous Minds in Glen Ellyn, IL
Loren Buford, LCSW
Jay Alvarez, MSW
Sarah Bruno Therapist - Marvelous Minds Glen Ellyn IL


Melissa Pauer
Natalie Egan
Ashton King
Anna Wahlstrom
Lisa Krzankowski, MSW