DBT Group for Teens

DBT Group for Teens

DBT Group for Teens Does your teen benefit from therapy but still has a need for something more? More skills, more processing practice, more companionship, more support? Our new Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group is for teens struggling with intense fluctuating moods, unhealthy coping skills, and distress with their familial, peer, and romantic relationships. The goals of this group are to help teens increase self-awareness, appropriately manage their emotions, tolerate stress more effectively, and better their interpersonal skills.

DBT is a group for teens who would benefit from additional therapy. The group will look at topics such as: increasing self-awareness, mental health issues relationships and friendships, managing emotions, and stress. The group is designed to provide support to teens (14-18).

The group will take place in a safe and confidential environment where they’ll be encouraged to explore their experiences while gaining coping skills to help reach their goals. $375

For more information or to register, call Marvelous Minds at (630) 474-4353

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