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What is a Therapeutic Group?

A therapeutic group is a group of individuals who gather together, under the guidance or facilitation of a trained therapist to work towards a common goal. Groups typically meet weekly for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the topic, and the ages and skills of participants.

How does a therapy group differ from a community group?

A therapy group is structured and led by a trained and licensed clinical professional to work towards a specific goal or set of goals. A community group may be led by anyone, without legal requirements for training or education, and may be for the purpose of working towards a common goal, or may be simply for fun or entertainment. A therapy group is considered a medical appointment, whereas a community group is not.

Who might benefit from a therapy group?

Therapy groups are beneficial for many different groups of people:

  • Individuals that would benefit from knowing that there are other people in their community who are working on some of the same goals and challenges that they are
  • Individuals who would benefit from assistance and guidance working through social situations that are difficult for them
  • Individuals who are motivated by having peers around and participating
  • Individuals that have met their goals in individual, or 1:1 therapy, and would benefit from some practice in generalizing those skills or information to more than one person
  • Individuals that are working on challenges related to being with other people, communicating with other people, or self-regulating around other people

What should I do next?

Call us today to discuss group therapy options available and to set up a screening to assist in determining which group would best meet your needs.

Marvelous Therapeutic Groups Include:

  • My Pride
  • Marvelous Modified Martial Arts
  • SociAbilities- Basic skills/ 8-10
  • SociAbilities- Advanced skills/ 11-13
  • PEP! Parent Empowerment Program