Glen Ellyn, IL Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy


What is Individual Therapy?

Individual Therapy is a one-on-one, private meeting between an individual and a trained therapist, to address challenges, problems, and/or skills that are impacting the individual’s life in some way. Individual therapy may be done by any trained and licensed therapist, including social workers, counselors, psychologists, speech language pathologists (speech therapists), occupational therapists, physical therapists, art therapists, music therapists, etc. Topics addressed may be related to mental health, psycho-social-emotional skills and health, physical skills and health, self-care skills, communication, mobility, social participation, and more.

How is individual therapy different from meeting with a friend to talk?

Our friends can be a great resource for venting and talking about how we feel about things. Sometimes, it can be hard to talk with our friends or family about topics that either involve them, or that are outside of their realm of experience. Working with a trained clinician gives an individual the benefit of education, training, and experience specifically related to their needs and challenges. Clinicians maintain a supportive and objective environment, creating an environment free of judgment and available for whatever meltdown, venting, problem solving, skill building, growth, or understanding the individual might need in that moment.

What can I expect during individual therapy?

You can expect to be treated with respect and courtesy. You can expect an environment free of judgment and assumptions. You can expect to be supported, and to also be challenged. You can expect the therapist to include you in creating the goals for therapy and to then facilitate activities, conversations, or situations to help you work towards that goal. You can expect to be an active participant and to face challenges. The good news is that you won’t face them alone; your therapist will be there to support you.

Who might benefit from individual therapy?

Individual therapy can be for anyone and for everyone. It can address challenges that an individual is having at home, school, work, or in the community. What set of challenges or skills need to be addressed will determine which discipline or which type of therapist the individual needs.

What should I do next?

Call us today to help you make an informed decision regarding whether individual therapy is right for you and your family.