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Speech Language Therapy

Meet AJ McGehee

Speech Language Pathologist

What is Speech Therapy?

The ability to communicate with those around you is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. Speech therapy is treatment that helps improve your ability to communicate, to express your thoughts, needs, and preferences and understand what others are saying to you.

Speech therapy is also a treatment to help you with any cognitive difficulties such as memory, executive functioning, and problem solving.

Speech therapy is ALSO treatment to help with swallowing disorders.

Wow that is a lot! So… who can a speech therapist help?

A speech therapist can help a diverse range of individuals of all ages who may be experiencing difficulties with communication, speech, language, and/or swallowing.

Speech therapists work with children in early intervention, individuals with articulation disorders, stuttering, voice issues, and aphasia. They provide vital support to adults who have suffered strokes, traumatic brain injuries, head and neck cancer, or degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Speech therapists also provide gender affirming voice therapy to help individuals find the voice that is truly theirs.

Whether you have a toddler struggling with their first words, a teenager with a stutter, an adult recovering from a stroke, an individual seeking voice therapy, or a senior with swallowing difficulties, speech therapists are dedicated professionals who can make a significant impact on improving the quality of life for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders.

How can I get started?

Call Marvelous Minds at 630-474-4353 to be connected to our speech therapist! You will be provided an online intake form to fill out and our speech therapist will help you schedule an evaluation or initial session.

What will I need?

You will need a doctor’s referral, any previous speech therapy evaluations and a readiness to have a little bit of fun (or a whole lot)!

Often your doctor’s office will be willing to fax the referral without the need for a doctor’s visit. Usually a MyChart message does the trick.

What if I or my loved one has had a speech therapy evaluation within the last year?

You can get started right away! We just ask that you bring or email a copy of the evaluation (with permission) so our speech therapist can more fully understand your or your loved ones needs.

What if I don’t know if I or my loved one needs speech therapy?

Call anyway! Our speech therapist will be more than happy to chat with you to help you figure out if speech therapy is the right choice.

Does Marvelous Minds accept insurance?

Yes! Marvelous Minds accepts BCBS and private pay.